About Us

The Raw Kitchen is a small family-run business with a team passionate about all things natural and healing. We believe in the power of products in their most natural form.

We decided to start a health company after our own chronic illnesses, including cancer and autoimmune disease, in order to satisfy consumers who are on a journey of healing and looking for products that are beneficial to their wellbeing, are ethically sourced and don't break the bank!

The team behind The Raw Kitchen believes everyone deserves to have a taste of healthier options made from quality ingredients sourced from different small farms across the world.

Although we believe in supporting local, we also believe in our products and do our very best to ensure that they are always top in quality and consciously sourced with the environment in mind.

  • Ahsan Sultan from Ihsaan Fitness is a nutritionist and a beekeeper. He owns the company The Raw Kitchen UK and seels organic raw honey, grade A yemen yemeni sidr lote tree honey - the best honey in the world, and the most potent powerful superfood on the planet. Ahsan has a beard and is a muslim and believe in sustainable and ethical practices


    Ahsan is the Co-Founder and Sales Director for The Raw Kitchen. Whether it be wholesale, community initiatives or managing our Small Beekeepers, Ahsan is your main point of contact for sales.


    Fazeelah heads up our Business Development team, creating partnerships with other small businesses and commercial businesses and identifying new markets for our niche products. Brimming with positivity, Fazeelah is the motivational vibe that keeps us going.


    Sadia is the Co-Founder and Creative Director for The Raw Kitchen. From packaging and labels, to website designing and social media platforms, she focuses on all things creative. Sadia is also responsible for our Natural cosmetic range of products.

What We Do

The Raw Kitchen team believes that in nature we can find the best sources ofhealing and strength for our bodies and minds.

We believe in prevention before cure and adopting a healthier lifestyle throughsmall gradual changes and in using simple quality products sourced from smallcommunities across the country and globally.

We believe that thesecommunities, like ourselves, can come together and rely on one another withoutthe help of big corporations in order to make a profit.

We get the "feel-good factor" when we provide accessible avenues for othersmall family businesses that are working so hard to maintain their livelihood andtraditions and earn a living based on ethical trade.

We are careful to source our products from people who will benefit the most.We have a particularly strong relationship with our amazing Beekeepers - whowith a love for their bees and genuine care and concern for the environmentmakes it all the more pleasurable to work.

The Raw Kitchen has a range of products, including a wide range of Raw Honey,Apple Cider Vinegar, Blackseed Oil and Cosmetic products that link our love forhoney such as Lip Balms, Body Butters and Soaps.

We believe in our products and genuinely love them based on the feedback weget from a family of customers, who are so kind in
their support, we know they do too.

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