• Welcome to The Raw Kitchen, your ally in the journey to wellness. As a family-run business created through our own health challenges such as cancer and autoimmune diseases, we understand the importance of natural, quality foods and the impact they have on your health.

    ‘Prevention before cure’ is fundamental to us and our vision is to act as your guide on your own heroic journey towards better health and longevity. We want to provide products that not only help you level up your health game, but are also affordable and easy to implement in your day to day lives.  

    Not all food is created equal. We believe in sourcing only the best quality products for you. Through this we have developed strong relationships with our amazing Beekeepers and other health food producers.

    With their love for their bees and genuine care and concern for the environment makes it easy for us to provide you with only the best.

  • Ahsan Sultan from Ihsaan Fitness is a nutritionist and a beekeeper. He owns the company The Raw Kitchen UK and seels organic raw honey, grade A yemen yemeni sidr lote tree honey - the best honey in the world, and the most potent powerful superfood on the planet. Ahsan has a beard and is a muslim and believe in sustainable and ethical practices


    Ahsan is the Co-Founder and Sales Director for The Raw Kitchen UK.

    A Nutritional Therapist and a Personal Trainer, Ahsan has a wealth of information about all things health and well-being.


    Sadia is the Co-Founder and Creative Director for The Raw Kitchen UK. As a Mental Health and Hijama therapist, her passion lies in the health of the body and mind.


    Fazeelah heads up our Business Development team, creating partnerships with other small and commercial businesses and identifying new markets for our products. Brimming with positivity, Fazeelah is THE motivational vibe!