Podcast host Faisal Choudhry interviews guest speaker Ahsan Sultan on Freshly Grounded about his experience battling cancer through nutrition and lifestyle changes alone.

Freshly Grounded interviews our very own Ahsan: I'm Battling Cancer Through Nutrition & Lifestyle Changes Alone

In a recent episode on Freshly Grounded, our very own Ahsan recorded a podcast with the amazing Faisal Choudhry. Watch the episode to find out more about Ahsan's journey in episode and how he has decided to face his diagnosis. 

Freshly Grounded, the popular YouTube podcast series hosted by Faisal Choudhry, recently featured a very special guest, Ahsan Sultan, who shared his inspiring story of battling cancer through nutrition and lifestyle changes alone. In the episode titled #309 "I'm Battling Cancer Through Nutrition & Lifestyle Changes Alone" Ahsan opened up about his journey, providing listeners with valuable insights into how he is managing his illness through holistic means.

Throughout the podcast, Ahsan shared his personal experiences of dealing with cancer, highlighting the difficulties he has faced, and how he has turned to nutrition and lifestyle changes as a means of coping. He spoke at length about the importance of a healthy diet, exercise, and meditation, and how they have helped him in his fight against cancer.

Overall, the podcast is an incredible testimony to the power of the human spirit, and the ability of the body to heal itself with the right approach to nutrition and lifestyle. If you're looking for inspiration, or simply interested in learning more about how nutrition and lifestyle changes can make a significant difference in one's life, then be sure to check out the full episode at the link provided.

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